Smooth Rock Falls is – Near north, near perfect!

Want to work with wonderful people on a challenging project?  Fly to Timmins, rent a car and drive another hour or so further north to the town of Smooth Rock Falls.

Located on the beautiful Mattagami River, Smooth Rock Falls is in the process of reinventing itself.  The Town lost their main employer, a forestry mill, just over 10 years ago.  Over half the population left and the other half had to find a way to keep up their livelihood.  But those still there have the same frontier spirit that helped settle this country – and they are determined to see their town grow and prosper.  Especially André Bernier who caused quite the stir in Town one day when he showed up towing a 30-foot canoe.  But he had the last laugh – his successful voyageur touring business is drawing international crowds!

In 2017, LisetteHannah and Ron created a new brand and marketing strategy for this quintessential northern Ontario town.  They have made several visits to Smooth Rock and each trip has been filled with adventure, lots of laughs and some work squeezed in between!



Check out Hannah catching the fish of the day on a boating trip in June with Mayor Michel Arseneault, the CAO Luc Denault and local fishing expert Wayne McGee.



At the end of September, the SCG team along with Town staff revealed the new logo, French and English taglines, and website. There was even an enormous logo cake and cupcakes that were enjoyed by all!

In the end, the logo, website, and launch blew the doors off the Town!  To date, the marketing has exceeded all expectations and generated:

  • 201 stories in newspapers, online blogs, on radio shows and on televised news
  • These stories reached more than 29 million Canadians – it is safe to say that everyone in Canada has heard of Smooth Rock Falls!
  • Created a database of 3,100 interested people who contacted the Town (Majority of the inquiries were from Southern Ontario but others have come from as far away as China, Australia and India!)
  • Sold all 15 residential lots within two weeks of the launch

The National Post even got in on the game and picked up the story.

The SCG team continues to work in the amazing community of Smooth Rock Falls! If you find yourself in Northern Ontario make sure you visit. It’s truly – Near north, near perfect!