Community building

We’ve big believers in the innovative nature of our communities and the power of entrepreneurs to change the world around us. Sometimes, communities and organizations need a hand to sort our their thinking, a little hand holding, and a lot of organization and planning if they are going to be successful building new programs, facilities, and institutions. We have worked extensively across Canada and overseas with people and organizations to puzzle out concepts, develop plans, and launch new community changing economic development projects. Our past experience includes working with start-ups as well as long established organizations. From 2-person operations to institutions with tens of thousands of employees. From projects for brand new initiatives to programs for whole regions and even nations.

We have particular expertise in the following sectors:

  • Community economic development
    • Downtown revitalization programs
    • Incubators and accelerators
    • Tourism
  • Arts, culture, and heritage planning
    • Cultural facilities such as museums, art galleries, cultural centres, libraries
    • Heritage programs including international experience with UNESCO heritage sites
  • Educational programs at the college and university level
    • New programs
    • New institutes

Our style is to involve you in every aspect of developing and launching your product. You get involved in the deliberations, decisions, and the execution. To make sure we have the highest possibility of success we produce insights into customer behaviour and their motivations, needs, and desires through focus groups, public consultations, work shops, benchmarking, surveys, and face-to-face interactions. Knowing what your community needs and wants lets us design your program or service and its branding, marketing, and launch for maximum success.

The St. Clements Group works with you to put together:

  • Strategic plans
  • Components of the new program, facility, or institution
  • Operational plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business strategies
  • Reviews to take existing programs, products, and services to the next level
  • Governance and organizational structures
  • Launch program
  • Marketing, communications, and sales program

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your community with its economic development projects.