Helping your community be everything it can be.

The St. Clements Group has extensive experience developing strategies that affect whole communities and the people who live there. Our aim is to implement ideas that positively affect the lives and livelihood of the people and their community. Our goal is to develop ideas, products, and programs that make life more complete and at the same time make the community richer. It’s economic development through marketing, culture, education, and inspiration.

Cost-effective and memorable strategies

Our aim is to help you make the best decisions given your corporate objectives, the circumstances you are facing, the competition, the market conditions, and financial and human resources. We help you roll-out and manage your project in a way that doesn’t turn your organization upside down. You are involved every step of the way—there are no surprises. We make sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. Our services include:

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People with real life experience

We have experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors and bring the strengths, techniques, and sensibilities of each to all projects. We have a special understanding of an organization’s internal consultative process and its sensitivities to public opinion, media scrutiny, and government policies.

Our chief strength is in creating and implementing programs for cultural organizations, educational institutions, and governments. As former managers in organizations, we know how to distinguish ideas that “end up on the shelf” from those that are actually doable. We work with clients to take action and to fulfil their needs.

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