IMPACT the LIVES and LIVELIHOOD of Your Community.

Start with the idea…

Start with the idea that our communities are more than just a place for houses. Instead, think of our towns and cities as the place that helps us define our identities as individuals and as a member of a community. It’s where we can find our passions, where we can make a difference in our own lives and the lives of the people around us. It’s a place where we can make a profit, express ourselves, and find inspiration. We are economic developers and advisers using arts, culture, and heritage; post-secondary education programs; and community revitalization through entrepreneurship to improve the lives and livelihoods of the residents of the communities we help. We have the expertise and experience to tell your special story through product, program, and service development; marketing and branding; and business and operating planning.

We create solutions!

Tell us about your community’s challenges and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that fits your special needs. We can help you develop:

 1463957239_vector_65_02 Community revitalization strategies to re-enliven your community through arts, cultural, and heritage master plans, Main Street revitalization programs, tourism strategies, and incubators and accelerators to make your home special for yourself, your family, and visitors.
 1463957231_vector_65_14 Place-based marketing and communications strategies and campaigns to sell your community or region in the competition for new investment, attractions, organizations, institutions, residents, and businesses.
 1463957258_vector_65_15 Branding programs that delivers unique, impactful, and credible messages about your community, attraction, products, and services that sets you apart from your competitors.
 1463957250_vector_65_10 Products, programs, and services development to take your ideas to market from identifying and packaging the components of your product through to identifying target markets, building the business case, figuring out the best marketing strategy, and managing the roll-out.
 1463957306_vector_65_03 Community building – business and operating plans for communities and organizations to develop new programs, facilities, and institutions. We work with you, community stakeholders, governments, and private sector partners to create economic impacts affecting the lives and livelihood of all residents.
E-Town Community changing projects

1463957303_vector_65_06We like projects that have the potential to change our country (and maybe one of these days, the world!). That is why an important part of our work is taking chances on new ideas that we think will affect the way people live and their livelihoods. Not just one or two people, or even one or two groups but the way everyone in the community looks at themselves, their collective identity, and ultimately how the world sees them. And if we are smart enough, lucky enough then we might just have a model that can be replicated everywhere to everyone’s benefit.

These projects are part of our E-Town portfolio. Our work is based on our belief in the power of entrepreneurship and the role of innovators in the growth and well-being of communities. We take on these projects because we believe in them. They’re collaborative efforts using our own resources with government and private assistance.

Past pet projects:

  • National Impact Real Estate program – An investment and community engagement program to turn key under-used or vacant downtown properties into community incubator hubs to re-energize central business districts. Two prototype communities have been selected to develop the program with a goal of creating a process to roll out across the country.
  • Games Mentoring Institute International – A unique international finishing school for the next generation of games company executives.
  • SPOTLIGHT – The goal is jobs and new businesses. So no more planning and strategizing! SPOTLIGHT works with communities to identify cultural assets that can be commercialized in 12 months.
  • Community Incubator Hubs – Working with Centennial College we are planning the launch of a chain of national and international neighbourhood incubators and accelerators.

Have you got an idea that fits what we have in mind? Come talk to us about it and let’s see if we can do something earth shattering together!

LOGO-COL June 19 2014